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What type of lenses do I need?

We are sure you will already know what type of lens you require for your reglaze but just in case!

 Distance lenses:

If you use your glasses for driving, watching TV or for focusing at any distance over 6 foot , you will need single vision distance lenses.

These will usually not work for reading or close up work.

Computer lenses:

If you require lenses to focus at about arm’s length this is the option you require. There is nothing magical about computer lenses, but we will use the inter addition value on your prescription or weaken your reading prescription a little to achieve this focal distance.

Reading lenses:

If you require glasses for reading use or close work , this is the option to select.

The lenses will be single vision for reading only and will be of use for distance focus.

Bifocal Lenses:

Bifocal lenses will work for two focal distance. Usually they are used for distance and reading on the lower D segment , but can also be used for computer/intermediate use in the top and reading use in the lower D segment. Good for office use or if you do not get on with varifocals.


Also known as progressive lenses , these will provide distance , intermediate and reading on one lens, without any lines on the lens.

Our lens packages explained

Value Lens Package:

This is our high quality standard lens with no additional lens treatments applied. Ideal for people who only use their glasses for reading and not all the time.

Bronze Lens Package:

This is our high quality standard lens with a hard coating treatment applied. Ideal for people who use their glasses for more than just reading. The hard coating makes the lenses a little more robust in terms of light scratches.

Silver Lens Package:

A superb package which includes a hard coating to protect your lenses from small scuffs and also our anti-reflective coatings ideal for driving and for people who wear their glasses virtually all the time.

Gold Lens Package:

Our best selling package and our opticians choice. This package incorporates a thinner 1.60 index lens with a hard coating , anti-glare coating and a UV protective coating to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. This lens is pure value for money!

Gold+ Lens Package:

This package includes a thinner still, 1.67 index lens which also includes a hard coating , anti-glare coatings and UV clear protective coating.

Platinum Lens Package:

Our thinnest lens with a 1.74 refractive index and includes hard coating , anti-glare and UV clear protective coating. Select tgis package if you require the thinnest lens possible into your frame.

Prescription strength - Do I require thin lenses?

We offer four different lens thicknesses:

The lens index value refers to the refractive index of the lens and is not the thickness of the lens itself. However, the higher the index value the thinner the lens will be.

If you have a plus (+) prescription the lens will be convex and most of the thinning occurs at the edges of the frame.
If you have a minus (-) prescription, the lens will be concave and the thinning will be at the centre of the lenses.
A standard 1.49 index which is included in the basic price will not have any thinning and is suitable for all prescription but we would recommend looking at one of the thinner index lenses if your prescription is above +/-3.00 spheres.

A 1.60 index lens will offer a small amount of thinning and will make your lenses lighter by about 10-15% and we would recommend this lens for prescription from +/-3.00 spheres. It is a tougher lens and a good choice if you want some thinning but are on a tighter budget.

A 1.67 index lens will offer more thinning and will reduce the weight by around 20% and you will notice a reduction in the thickness of the lens. A very good all round choice but suitable for prescriptions from +/-3.00 to +/-4.50

A 1.74 index lens is the thinnest lens available and we would recommend this for high strength prescriptions or if you are very conscious about lens thickness.

Several factors affect the overall thickness of the lens:

The strength of your prescription but also the overall lens diameter of the lens ( A large aviator style will always be thicker than a smaller frame even when opting for a thin index).

It is also worth sticking to fully rimmed frames as these can be made thinner than semi rimmed styles. There is also a worry about making rimless lens too thin as this can make them a little more fragile. (Although we always use polycarbonate lenses for rimless reglazes for this reason which is a stronger material).

It can be a complex choice but if you are unsure, please email us or call us to discuss this. We’ll be only too happy to help.

Sunglass options

Plain tints:

Choose a plain grey, brown or green tint to turn your frame into a stylish pair of prescription sunglasses.

Mirror tints:

Choose from

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