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All about our great lenses
In this section, you’ll find frequently asked questions about the lenses we offer. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Do I need to understand about my prescription to place my order?
No you don’t need to understand it. We know they can be tricky to understand so let us take the worry away for you. You can either upload a scanned copy or even a photo of your prescription to our system during the order process, OR send in a photocopy of it when you send us your frame. Relax, our optical technicians will double check all the details and make sure nothing is missed.
Please explain the difference between distance, reading (near) and intermediate lenses
In simple terms , if you use glasses only for driving or watching television or to focus on anything more than arms length you would require “distance” glasses and are most likely short-sighted. If you only ever need glasses for reading , then you are long sighted and need some magnification for close up work or reading.Intermediate lenses are used for computer work mostly , where focus is required at arm’s length. This will show on your prescription as an “inter add” but is not always present - we can work this value out for you if required.
What does the term 'Single Vision' mean?
The phrase ‘single vision’ simply means that these lenses give you one type of visual correction for your eyes. This might be to correct short sightedness, long sightedness or be used for specific intermediate (midrange) use such as for when using a computer.
What are bifocals?
Bifocals are lenses than can cater for two different distances , usually distance and reading but can also be made up for computer and reading or distance and computer.
The lens will have a noticebale “D” segment at the bottom of the lens which is used for the closer vision required.
What are varifocals and do I need them?
Varifocals can offer all three focal distances that are usually required as we get a little older. The top of the lens is dedicated to distance vision and then as you look down the lens, will help with intermediate vision and then at the bottom of the lens, near vision. Varifocals appeal to people that only like to have one pair of glasses which allow them to focus at all distances.They have no visible lines on the lens. Your optician will have advised you if varifocals are the best option for you.
I have + and - numbers shown on my prescription. What does it mean?
It is important to get these values correct as a + sphere will mean that you are long sighted and may require reading glasses and a - sphere will mean that you are short sighted and may need distance glasses.

The cylinder and axis values may appear on your prescription. These values correct an astigmatism. This is where, over time, the eyeball becomes less round and is a very common situation. You may have these values in both eyes, only for one eye, or not at all.

The great news however is that you don’t need to worry about any of this this as you are supplying us with a copy of your prescription for us to decipher! Relax!

All about our great service
In this section you’ll find all the frequently asked questions about our service and how you too can benfit from using us.
What is reglazing?
Once you’ve had a new eye test, your optician will often encourage you to get a new pair of glasses to meet with your new prescription. However, with our service, this isn’t necessary as we can replace the lenses in your current frame with lenses made up to your latest prescription and save you a fortune to boot.
What benefits are there to reglazing?
There are a few scenarios where you might choose to reglaze your current frame rather than buy a new one. These include replacing broken or damaged lenses, your prescription has changed, you LOVE your current frame and don’t want to change it or simply that you want to save an awful lot of money. Of course, the main benefit is that you don’t have to buy a brand new frame which on the high street can cost an awful lot of money! Whatever the reason, we’re here to do the job reliably, to a very high standard and at an incredible price!
How long will it take?
A lot depends on the complexity of your new lenses but an average of 7 - 10 working days is the norm for us to get them dispatched. However, once dispatched, please allow a few days. Although Royal Mail are normally reliable for next day delivery, there is the odd occasion where they do take a little longer.
What do I require to place an order?
All you require to place a reglaze order with us is a copy of your latest prescription and access to a computer, tablet or phone. You’ll also need a frame that needs new lenses of course! Once you have filled out our very easy online form we’ll send you our freepost reglaze pack. All you need to do is enclose your frame and pop it back in the post!
How do I place my order?
Ordering is easy. You fill out our online form to choose the lenses you would like to order and upload a copy or photo of your prescription to our system (alternatively, you can send us a photocopy along with your frame). Our optical technicians will check the suitability of what you’ve ordered versus your prescription. If all is well then we’ll carry on with your job. If our technicians feel that what you have ordered is not the best lens suitable for your needs then we’ll contact you and advise you accordingly.

There is NO hard sell, just friendly advice. If you choose to stick with your order as you placed it, then fine. We feel we wouldn’t be offering a great service if we didn’t give you the best advice though. The final decision however, as it should be, is down to you.

When and how do I pay for my glasses?
We have set up a simple PayPal payment process so as soon as you have filled out the form you are transferred to the security of paypal servers to pay for your reglaze.
What happens once I send my frame?
When you send in your frame our technicians will analyse the current lenses in your frame and also make sure that the frame is in a good enough state of repair to warrant reglazing (we don’t want you to waste money on lenses if your frame is on it’s last legs). We’ll then either call you with advice if necessary or proceed with your reglaze as ordered.
Do you reglaze rimless frames?
Yes we do. Rimless glasses take a little longer to do and also take a little more skill which is why they are slightly more expensive to reglaze. However, we do use polycarbonate lenses as standard (which high street opticians charge a hefty price for as a lens upgrade) as they are a stronger material and more impact resistant.
How are you so much cheaper than the high street?
We are part of a group of online optical companies and therefore, the group as a whole has quite a bit of buying power. We buy in bulk and get cheaper prices as a result. Also, we have fewer overheads such as bricks and mortar shops and all the staff and bills that shops entail. Added to that, our own staff are group wide and therefore our own staffing bills are spread over a few businesses. We also operate very successfully with just a relatively small but highly efficient team which again keeps our own overheads low! Also, we don’t aim to make a fat profit on every order and instead operate a stack em high, sell them cheap business model and hope you keep coming back to us as a result.
How can I contact you?
What's your returns policy?
As the glasses are your own property, they cannot be returned to us but we always put right any issues that you may have. As we know the frame will fit you and we are using your own optician issued prescription, the chance are very low that any problem will occur.
After doing this online for 12 years, we have had very few problems. However, should such an instance arise with  your new lenses then of course we will replace them free of charge for you.
My frames are valuable. I'm worried they could get damaged in the post
As long as you send them in a hard case and well wrapped in our robust freepost reglaze pack, this should not be a problem but we do recommend if the frame is expensive that you send it with plenty of padding around the hard case for that extra protection.
What if my glasses break while you are glazing them?
Our laboratory technicians are highly skilled and experienced and take the upmost care when reglazing customers glasses but we do have to state that the glazing is carried out at your own risk. Whilst extremely rare - frame breaks can occur just for the fact that the frame is older and there are certain pressures that need to be applied to a frame in order to get a new lens in place. Frames basically need to be manipulated and plastic frames have to be heated to make them more pliable. If the frame is quite old there is a slight chance that the plastic can become brittle and snap. Some older antique frames can also be very delicate. In the very rare event that we have a problem of this nature, we would usually either offer a full refund or offer one of our own frames as a replacement even though we will still have to pay our suppliers for the lenses that were to be put in your frame.
After reglazing, will my frames need re-fitting?
No this should not be the case, your frame will fit in the same way as before. If they do need a slight adjustment though, this is very easy and we have a few videos to show you what to do on our site under the help section.
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